Boost Client Acquisition: 5 Keys to Marketing Success for Law Firms with Travis Hoechlin

If you're feeling frustrated by spending money on marketing campaigns and not seeing a substantial return on investment, then you are not alone! Many small law firm owners struggle with this, feeling like they're throwing money at the wall and hoping something sticks. It's time to stop the cycle of disappointment and start seeing real results from your marketing efforts.

In this episode of Profit with Law, Travis Hoechlin, CEO of Rise Up Media, joins Moshe Amsel to share easy marketing strategies that can make a big difference for small law firm owners. Travis draws from over a decade of experience in helping law firms grow and customize their marketing strategies to boost client generation and higher revenue. Moshe and Travis emphasize the significance of investing in marketing, hiring more attorneys for increased revenue, and converting referrals into clients. Travis also highlights the value of leveraging technology, such as text messaging, to improve client communication. They provide practical insights on Google's local service ads, pay-per-click marketing, and the importance of prompt call answering and gathering positive Google reviews. 

With Travis's expertise and actionable tips on transitioning from relying on referrals to creating a more predictable stream of clients, this episode offers valuable strategies for law firm owners wanting to improve their marketing strategy and generate a consistent stream of clients.

Episode Highlights

00:00 Introduction to Travis Hoechlin
Travis Hoechlin, co-founder and CEO of Rise Up Media, shares his background in exclusively working with lawyers in marketing, helping hundreds of law firms grow by customizing strategies for client generation and higher revenue.

07:52 Limited Budget Marketing
Travis explains the importance of partnering with a marketing agency that understands the unique needs of law firms, focusing on converting existing referrals and ensuring a clear website, easy contact options, and addressing phone call handling.

12:33 Common Marketing Sins on Law Firm Websites
Travis highlights the top five marketing sins found on law firm websites, including unclear messaging, lack of contact information, and failure to answer phone calls, emphasizing the importance of converting potential clients and addressing these issues for better results.

15:53 The Importance of Choosing a Niche
Moshe emphasizes the importance of choosing a specific niche within your law practice to focus on. This specialization allows for better expertise and attracts referrals from other firms.

18:31 Importance of Answering Calls
Moshe discusses the importance of answering phone calls and having a monitored chat feature on the website. He suggests using a 24/7 answering service to ensure that potential clients can reach your firm at any time. This not only improves search visibility but also enhances the client experience, ultimately leading to better conversion rates. Travis shares a personal experience where he struggled to reach attorneys for a legitimate case. He emphasizes the critical need for law firms to answer phone calls promptly to capture potential clients and build a positive reputation.

30:27 Transitioning from Referrals to Marketing
Travis discusses the transition from relying on referrals to implementing marketing strategies for solo attorneys. He emphasizes the need for predictability in generating leads and mentions the importance of local service ads for scaling a legal business.

35:02 Leveraging Google Reviews for LSAs
Moshe emphasizes the role of Google reviews in influencing the ranking of LSAs. He recommends creating a system for obtaining Google reviews and stresses the importance of having a substantial number of reviews to be relevant in the LSAs.

38:42 Judging Marketing Campaign Performance
Travis advises attorneys to focus on evaluating the return on investment in their marketing campaigns. He suggests aiming for a five to one return and emphasizes the importance of understanding the numbers to make informed business decisions.


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About Travis Hoechlin

Travis is the cofounder and CEO of RizeUp Media. With over a decade of experience, Travis and his team and have helped hundreds of law firms grow. We customize strategies to boost client generation, improve the quality of clients, and generate higher revenue. Our clients trust us to take the guesswork out of marketing so they can focus on practicing law. 

Connect with Travis Hoechlin on his phone number 714-261-0185. You can also follow him on his Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and X.


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