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COVID-19 has made physical offices unviable. Companies worldwide have responded by shifting their businesses from the office and into the digital world. While there are many cheap services available to jumpstart your website, can they tell your unique business story? How do you create the perfect web strategy? 

In this episode, Heshy Friedman joins us to talk about his experience leading a dynamic web technology firm. He shares his insights on why businesses need a personally crafted web design to convey their story. Web design is not simple and requires the understanding of many different features. She also emphasizes the importance of the authenticity of these strategies.  

If you want to know more about creating your ideal web strategy and staying authentic, then this episode with Heshy is for you.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to this episode:

  1. How can we create the perfect web strategy for our business? 
  2. Discover the differences between your blog and website and how you can enhance their effectiveness.
  3. Understand the importance of authenticity in your website and LinkedIn.


Episode Highlights

Why Engage with Companies That Specialize in Web Design?

  • Website requirements change over time, and design will need to keep up. 
  • Having specialists is critical — they know and are at the forefront of these changes. 
  • It's essential to make the website a part of the company. 

Heshy Friedman: “People are coming to us with a template-based website that wasn't thought out. . . But it's not personal, it doesn't tell you their story.”

Building Your Web Strategy

Heshy: “Try to understand what it is that you're trying to achieve with the company on the website.”

  • The website is more about building a personal connection with your audience. 

You make this personal connection by letting people know who runs the business. Listen to the full episode to hear his process for web strategy!

The Importance of Layout 

Heshy notes that most websites should cater to anonymous audiences first. 

  • However, some businesses may also opt for the customers to identify themselves first to provide the right service.

She advises to never annoy your people with pop-ups, particularly those that are in your face.  

Heshy: “There is a skepticism that people have whenever they get a lead or they're looking to do business with a particular company, the first time around at least. Let them lead the role of identifying himself first by being comfortable of seeing and snooping and basically just kind of browsing around.”

Personalizing User Experience and Interface

  • The current design trend is large graphics, clean, white, and airy. 
  • Many law firms still have designs from 10 years ago and use small texts. 
  • Remember that the website is a reflection of your business. Attract more customers by keeping up to date. 

Listen to the episode to hear Heshy's advice on user interface design! 

Heshy: “The main thing to keep in mind in today's day and age is people are scanning and scrolling. So you want to be able to give them the ability to capture their attention as they scroll down your website.”

Features of the Blog and the Website

  • The goal of a website is to help people understand their content, not to confuse. 
  • Blog content needs to be thought-out and written from a story point of view. 
  • Make sure that both the blog and website serve their purpose.
  • Listen to the full episode with Heshy for more information on blogs and websites! 

Moshe: “Let's say somebody comes to your office, and you're meeting them face to face, and you want to convince them that they should work with you. You'll give them a tour of the office. . . So that tour around the office is kind of your website. And then the details about the actual work that we're doing, that's the blog.”

Growing Your LinkedIn Profile

Three steps for growing your profile. 

  • Connect with the right audience.
  • Engage with that audience. 
  • Consistently post valuable quality and authentic content. 

Connecting Consistently and Authentically

Heshy: “I’m looking for authentic connections, I'm looking for people to engage with, I'm not looking for people trying to sell to me and that's why they're connecting.”

  • You can tap into your second-degree connections and active people on LinkedIn. 
  • Devote time for growing your profile. - Heshy
    • Eventually, you'll see compounding growth due to your hard work. - Heshy

Heshy: “I'm not on LinkedIn to sell. I'm ultimately on LinkedIn to make it part of my business. . . It's for people to identify who I am and then want to come to me or want to have them recommend me.”

Advice and Mindset

Heshy: “A parting piece of advice, I would say the same thing for websites and for LinkedIn. And that is to be authentic, be who you are, and get that message across both on the website and on LinkedIn."

About Heshy

Heshy is the director of Radial Creations, a dynamic web technology firm, since 2003. 

The company focuses on web design, development, and maintenance of professional websites. As a project manager and coordinator, Heshy ensures that work is kept at a high standard — aesthetically, straightforward, effective and practical. For him, website designs should be highly customized to the business and tell their unique story. 

Heshy has been passionate about website design since 1996 — She was in high school when he built his first website, Minerals. It has since grown to become one of the most popular educational websites in its field, averaging over 1.3 million page views per month.

Have some questions for Heshy? You can reach Heshy through LinkedIn and Twitter

You can also follow Heshy's work at Radial Creations. Contact them at 845-371-3603 and email them at [email protected].

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