How to Convert Leads with Ease: Insider Tips for Law Firm Owners with April & Tyler Roberts

Do you want to consistently turn your leads into loyal clients for your law firm? Are you struggling with finding effective strategies to convert those leads? Look no further, because we have the solution that will help you achieve the outcome you desire.

In this episode, April & Tyler Roberts join Moshe Amsel to share their expert insights on how to optimize your lead conversion process and secure more clients for your law firm. Get ready to transform your leads into long-term clients and elevate the success of your practice.

If you want to convert hesitant leads into loyal clients, this episode is for you! 


In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Master lead generation strategies to attract ideal clients.
  • Discover the power of solid content as irresistible lead magnets.
  • Implement structured email follow-up sequences for higher conversions.
  • Learn effective methods for capturing basic lead information.
  • Build a robust backend system for lead management success.


Episode Highlights

[00:00] Introduction to April and Tyler Roberts
Moshe introduces April and Tyler, April and Tyler Roberts from Nomos Marketing, and discusses the topic of getting high-quality leads for law firm owners.

[03:29] Building a Solid Foundation
April and Tyler emphasize the importance of having a solid online presence, including a clear headshot, testimonials, and case studies, to build credibility and authority for a law firm.

[08:45] Balancing Immediate Needs and Lead Magnets
Moshe raises the concern that lead magnets may delay the process for potential clients who have an immediate need. April and Tyler suggest having a primary call to action for immediate contact, while also incorporating a secondary call to action for those who are not ready to hire right away.

[10:54] The Value of Lead Magnets
April and Tyler emphasize the value of lead magnets in nurturing and engaging potential clients who may not be ready to hire immediately, but can be kept engaged until they are ready. Building relationships and staying top of mind are key for future conversions.

[15:07] The Importance of Tailored Email Marketing
Tailoring email marketing to reinforce the main message and share case studies and testimonials is crucial. Creating additional content like webinars or PDF checklists allows for further audience segmentation. It's important to tag and classify leads to target them effectively. Gradually narrow down the audience and offer lead magnets specific to their interests.

[19:15] Email Sequences and Follow-ups
Implementing email sequences requires planning. A short-term sales sequence can be followed by a marketing nurture sequence. Long-term nurture sequences can consist of monthly newsletters with fresh content. The structure can be adjusted based on ambition and capacity.

[22:33] Collecting Contact Information
Collecting basic information like name, email, and phone number is essential. Additional questions can be asked depending on the target market. The more professional the form, the more serious the leads are likely to be.

[29:58] Reaching Out to Leads
The importance of utilizing multiple communication channels to reach out to leads is highlighted. If emails have a low open rate, consider calling or texting instead. It is crucial to have a back-end foundation in place, including a plan for answering phone calls and converting leads into clients.

[31:45] Solving the Right Problem
It's essential to identify the correct problem when trying to generate more leads. Instead of focusing solely on getting more leads, evaluate how leads are being handled once they come in. If the conversion process is not effective, investing in lead funnels and automated follow-ups will not yield results.




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About April and Tyler Roberts

April and Tyler are Co-Founders of NOMOS Marketing which is a full-service marketing agency that serves lawyers throughout the country. They are on a mission to make the law more accessible, more approachable, and more human through authentic storytelling, design and data. April and Tyler are a husband and wife team and live in Charleston, South Carolina.

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