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Uncategorized Mar 28, 2020

Law Firm Growth During COVID-19 Daily Liveshow Day 4!

Here are the top tips from Moshe and our guest experts: Molly McGrath, Gyi Tsakalakis, and Dina Eisenberg


Molly McGrath

Give your employees time and attention.

  • Have daily huddles
  • Have a virtual retreat
  • Over communicate
  • Make sure they know what’s going on
  • Have real, honest conversations with them
  • Work together


Dina Eisenberg

Work on your emotional resilience.

As a leader, if you’re anxious and afraid, everyone will feel that and it will fuel their own fear. Now is the time to check in with yourself and be aware of how you’re feeling. You can ask yourself the following questions that will likely ease your fears:

  1. Why am I so worried?
  2. What's the likelihood that the worst thing I think could happen would happen?
  3. If that thing happened, how likely is it that I could find a solution?
  4. Well, how would that be solved?

Asking these questions will help shift your mind from passive fear to empowerment and taking action.

You can then do this exercise with your employees to rest their fears.

Gyi Tsakalakis 

You have to be careful about letting employees go. If they’re key employees, there is going to be the price of having to hire someone else and onboard them, after this is all over. So, you can’t make that decision lightly. Re-hiring has to be a part of your financial calculations when deciding whether you’re going to let someone go.

Moshe Amsel

When deciding to let someone go, you first have to ask yourself, “how valuable is this employee? Are they a rockstar employee?”

If you already have doubts about the employee, keep in mind that when this is over there’s going to be a large pool of candidates looking for a job.

Are they the right employee for you?

  • Do their values align with the values of your firm?
  • Are they pulling their weight?
  • Do they go the extra mile?

If it’s a mediocre employee, then it’s probably best to let them go. However, if it’s that rockstar employee, you should try everything you can to hold on to them. 


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