How to Start Podcasting for Your Law Firm with Danny Ozment

Most, if not all, businesses are on the internet. By now, almost everyone relevant has a digital presence, whether through social media, Google My Business, or their own website. The digital market is saturated — but there's an edge you can hone: start podcasting.

In this episode, Danny Ozment, a podcast consultant, shares why podcasts can create trust and authority much faster than blog posts and websites. He shares that podcast listeners build a relationship with the podcaster and are more likely to trust your service over the competition. He also shares how to start podcasting and determine what topics to talk about on your podcast.

If you want to stay above the competition and start podcasting, this episode is for you.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to this episode

  1. Learn how podcasts can help boost your law firm and create new opportunities for you. 
  2. Discover how to start podcasting and know what to talk about. 
  3. Hear stories of how podcasting helped catapult the careers of various people from near-insignificance to massive success. 


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Episode Highlights

Introducing Danny 

  • In the full episode, Moshe shares the impact of podcasts on his life. 
  • Danny is a podcast consultant and business strategist. He has served several large corporations and thought leaders like LinkedIn and the John Maxwell team. 
  • Danny shares wanting to be a musician and got a master’s degree in orchestral conducting. Because of his daughter’s medical condition, he needed a flexible job. 
  • He then shifted to recording with musicians and eventually helped podcasters. 
  • Danny's company is a full-time podcast production company with over 40 clients. 

Why You Should Start Podcasting

  • Danny shares how lawyers find it difficult to get quality leads because most clients weren't planning to get a lawyer in the first place. 
  • Even if you are easy to find and your website is easy to navigate, it doesn’t make anyone feel more comfortable. 
  • Podcasts make people feel comfortable and build a friendship with the podcaster. 
  • When a podcaster builds trust and authority, people are more likely to prefer their products and services over others. 

How to Start Podcasting

  • Podcasting is an excellent way to start for your content because it can help you create Instagram reels, TikTok, and other social media posts. 
  • Not only that, a single episode can be a basis for a blog post. 
  • Danny shares that most podcast listeners will listen to more than half of every episode of a podcast. 

Danny: “When you have a podcast, you just have that way of providing a chance for people to become friends with you.”

What to Talk About 

  • There are two categories of podcasts: one specific to what you do and a general show that may cover things outside your work. 
  • Danny recommends lawyers focus on a show that serves their ideal client. 
  • In the full episode, Danny shares how an immigration lawyer working with tech startups chooses episode topics. 
  • On the other hand, Danny also had a client who talked more about his area and became a digital mayor. 
  • Danny also recommends inviting clients to talk about their experiences and how you’ve helped them. 

Danny: It really comes down to who is the listener that you're trying to help. And what is the best way to help them? Or what is the best way to connect with them?”

Utilize SEO for Podcasts

  • Podcasts can also benefit from using SEO. For example, if you’re limited to serving clients in a specific area, have that area as part of your podcast name. 
  • Remember, people find podcasts the same way they find websites — through Google and search engines. 

Danny: “The way people find podcasts is the same way that they find your website. The number one way people find a podcast still is a web search going to Google and searching.”

  • When people listen to a podcast, they typically return to previous episodes. 
  • People are also using podcast apps as search engines. 

Danny: “Your long-term investments are where you really build trust. That's your podcast, that's your blog, that's your YouTube channel where people are spending time with you. And those people…are more likely to trust you enough to actually click on that contact button on your website or call your office.”

Stay Consistent When You Start Podcasting

Danny: “I tell most podcasters: if you're not ready to do this for six months to a year, don't even start, because it really is about consistency. It's about showing up. It's about building trust.”

  • If you want to see results, Danny recommends uploading on a regular basis. 
  • You can also create short-run episodes on a specific topic.
  • You can find topics anywhere. Start with problems you’re trying to solve or even things that annoy you in the industry. 
  • Later on, find podcasts that might want to interview you. When you get emails with questions, these can be the basis of future episodes.

Learn to Delegate

Moshe: "Whenever you decide, okay, I'm gonna do something. What's the very next question that you think? Your knee-jerk reaction is: how am I gonna do this? You have to put the brakes on, you have to say ‘who?’ not ‘how.’"

  • It’s impossible to do everything yourself. Learn to find who can help you. 
  • In the full episode, Moshe shares how his podcast isn't a solo affair — a team supports it.

Just Start Podcasting

  • Danny advises people to start ugly. Remember: done is better than perfect. 
  • Danny can help people start with podcasting. He offers three different options with different coverages. 

Danny: “When you start ugly, you start developing an audience that can start giving you feedback and ask questions and can maybe send your podcast in an entirely different direction that you never even considered was out there.”

About Danny

Danny Ozment is founder of Emerald City Productions, a podcast production company that has produced many of the top business podcasts in the world. Given that 93% of podcast listeners listen to more than half or all of an episode, it is clear that podcasting will be one of the key marketing channels of the future.


Right now, Danny is wearing out his Walt Disney World annual pass with his wife and 2 kids. When he’s not on Pirates of the Caribbean, he spends his days on a mission helping podcasters change the world one download at a time. The free tips he provides at, guarantee you’ll launch and grow a podcast that will impact the world.

You can connect with Danny on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.  

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